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Degree College Leh was established in 1994 as Arts College in DIET building as a makeshift arrangement. The college shifted to new campus in 1998 and later in 2005 it was renamed as Eliezer Joldan Memorial College Leh, in honour of Mr. Eliezer Joldan, whose contribution in the field of education has been unparallel.




Eliezer Joldan was born on 25th of august 1916 Leh. He studied at Tyndale Biscoe School in Srinagar and did his B.Ed from University of Punjab Lahore. He is first graduate from Ladakh. He was appointed as Tehsildar which was a very powerful post at that time, but he was determined to serve the people of Ladakh as Teacher.


He believed that Sincere and dedicated teachers were needed to develop responsible and conscientious citizens who would help the Ladakhi society to progress and prosper. Eliezer Joldan served 25 years in Government High School , Leh , Five years in Government High School , Kargil , and about four years as principal of the teachers training School , Leh Many Of his students became Doctor Engineers , Army Officers , politicians , Minsters and Religious heads , while some joined elite Indian Administrative Service and Indian Police service.


Eliezer Joldan was a Dutiful and Knowledgeable education officer who was held in high esteem by people in Ladakh. In 1970, the state government recognised him as best teacher. Among his literally work he wrote an insight book called ‘’Harvest festivals of Buddhist Dards and other essays’’ based on his personal observations and experiences. He is and will be an source of inspiration to the present and future generation of Ladakh.

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