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Department Background

It is a newly introduced subject in the Eliezer Joldan Memorial College, Leh. The subject anthropology is introduced in the session of 2020. In first batch of Anthropology 13 students were enrolled in first semester. Due to the pandemic of corona virus, the classes could not conduct properly, but online teaching has been carried out to smooth functioning of the class.
Anthropology is devoted to study of human societies as they exist across time and space. It is distinct from other social sciences in encompassing the origin of human species at different ages as well as the physical and cultural diversity among humans. The Department of Anthropology provides students with excellent training in theory and methods to enable them to pursue graduate in general Anthropology. The college provides only Graduate degree in anthropology. Education in anthropology provides excellent preparation for living and working in a multicultural and globally-interconnected world. It helps the student to perform or opt for career in a wide range of fields in future.





Permanent Residence:

Contact No.


Dr. Diskit Wangmo



near airport The Wang Residency, Old Road Leh


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