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Mass Communication & Journalism

Department Background

Department of Mass Communication & Journalism is one of the youngest departments of the College established in March 2020. It runs as one of the subject in 3 years Bachelors Programme with internship. In the 3 years, the students are exposed to different theoretical and practical subjects. The curriculum is built on foundation of basic skills: Writing, reporting, TV/Radio production, photography, ethics and critical thinking. Keeping in mind the absolute essentials of ethical journalism in print and broadcast, the department shapes the students with the zest to be journalists of tomorrow. We provide students with the intellectual, interpretive and practical skills they need to function as professionals. Exposure to print, visual and new media is given importance. Regular lectures by experts with regular seminars and workshop along with periodic visit to various media houses is also made. Our students learn to structure newspaper article and news writing, exposure to creation of TV news bulletin, make audio-video film to ensure they are in step with the industry. The department focuses on training responsible reporters, editors, broadcasters, correspondents and columnist of tomorrow.





Permanent Residence:

Contact No.


Mohammad Ali Khan

Assistant Professor

Mass Communication & Journalism

Silmoo Kargil, UT Ladakh


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